Fully qualified and experienced Psychotherapy & Counselling Practitioner in individual adult & adolescent therapy based in London SE1

What is Counselling?

'Counselling', 'Psychotherapy' and 'Therapy' are terms that are often used interchangeably.  These terms can mean different things to different people, but in general it is a process people seek when they want to change something in their lives or simply explore their thoughts and feelings in more depth, something in todays world that quite often feels like a luxury.

Counselling does not come in a cookie-cutter format and each session is tailored to the individual. I feel strongly that Counselling can be enormously beneficial to all as a sacred space to explore common issues in living such as anger, anxiety and depression.  I also firmly believe that it can serve as a way to cultivate compassion and acceptance for ourselves as well as provide an essential sphere to explore what life means to you and ways in which to maximise your potential.

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